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Reaching Healthcare Providers

Inform healthcare providers about the importance of oral healthcare for pregnant women and babies.

Providers need to do the following:
  • Ask parents/caregivers about their and child’s daily oral health routine; must brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Encourage pregnant patients to see a dentist during pregnancy; possibility of increased risk of preterm labor or low birth-weight.
  • Educate mom/parent about proper brushing for their child, benefits of fluoride, signs and symptoms of poor oral health.
  • At the 6- and 9-month check up, add to mom’s to-do list to schedule baby’s first dentist visit by their first birthday.
  • Talk to parents/caregivers about the importance of giving their child healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables and food and drinks without added sugar.
  • Remind parents/caregivers that early intervention is key.
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