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  • Healthy mouths are important – even for babies and young children
    • Children need healthy teeth to help them chew and to speak clearly.
    • Baby teeth hold space for adult teeth.
    • Poor oral health can cause your child to have problems eating, speaking, learning and socializing.
  • Keep your child’s mouth healthy
    • Cavities can cause your child pain and serious health problems – the good news is you can prevent cavities.
    • How to care for your child’s mouth.
  • Dental health coverage
    • Maryland’s Healthy Smiles Dental Program (Maryland’s Medicaid Dental Program) covers dental costs during pregnancy and for children from birth to 20 years old.
    • More information on dental health coverage.
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WLZL-FM radio interview with Lenys Alcoreza, UnitedHealthcare and Dr. Clemencia Vargas, University of Maryland, School of Dentistry.

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