How to Obtain the HTHK Campaign for Your State

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids (HTHK), is a social marketing campaign and website committed to improving the oral health of children. Since its launch at the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, Maryland, the HTHK campaign has significantly increased oral health awareness and helped parents take action to practice disease prevention behaviors for themselves and their children.

Through its innovative social marketing approach, which includes traditional advertising, social media, media relations and network-building, HTHK has helped oral and public health professionals increase public interest in oral health, improve oral disease prevention behaviors, and decrease the prevalence of oral disease.

In Maryland, the Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids campaign has:
  • Generated more than 200 news stories about oral health
  • Captured more than 55 million viewer impressions
  • Created a network of more than 200 partners
  • Distributed more than 400,000 brochures and 100,000 oral health kits
  • Earned eight national awards
After launching the Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids campaign in Maryland, consumer surveys showed:
  • 92 % heard or saw the campaign
  • 91 % recalled the campaign’s key messages (unaided)
  • 93 % believed dental health is important for overall health
  • 92 % believed children should have the first dental visit by the first birthday
  • Visits to the dentist increased by 7%
Best of all, the oral health status of Maryland’s children has improved significantly:
  • The vast majority of Maryland public school children have no unmet dental treatment needs
  • Less than 1% of Maryland public school children have any type of urgent need

Imagine making an impact like this in your state!
You can….

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